Helping you discover your city, one bite at a time.

Everyone wants to find great food where they live, but it can be difficult. Insert Savor. You can find great local spots around town all in one place.


It also helps that you never have to pay full price. Every meal you buy through Savor will be discounted – up to 50% off regular price.


With every order you make through our app, you are helping a local restaurant save food from going in the trash and keep their doors open. And you can leave your dishes in the sink for another night.

stay in the know

Pick which restaurants you want to get notifications from so you don’t miss out on anything good! Our push notifications make it easy for you to see when new food is available and help you order before it sells out.

Find new spots

It is easier than ever to find the best places to eat around town. Savor will notify you of deals going on in the app so it’s not as big of a risk to try out a restaurant you haven’t heard of or tried before.

Eat good food

Restaurants all around town post amazing food every single day. When you find something that you like that’s available, don’t hesitate to buy! Items go quick so make sure to add them to cart.

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My wife and I love pizza and we got a notification that one of our favorite pizza restaurants was on [Savor] and we’re now able to eat there for so much cheaper! I am so excited to see what more restaurants are added in my area soon! You need this app if you are a foodie!
For Food Lovers and Sensible Spenders
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It's so exciting to use something I've thought about my whole life, never knowing why it wasn't created yet. A win-win for everyone involved, [Savor] will change the way we try new food near us.
For college kids/20's this is a Godsend
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This is brilliant. It's better than doordash, better than grubhub, because it's cheaper. All I want is easy food for less money and this delivered it. Hopefully it expands to more areas.
Best thing since Doordash
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Huge fan of [Savor]. Love that they offer a way for me to get discounts at the local UT places that I love. It's like DoorDash but for discounts.
No reason you shouldn't get it
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Good food, good restaurants, great prices, and an amazing app. What else do you want?