The 50% off takeout apP

changing how people find food

This isn't rocket science

Time To Eat

When you want to promote your dishes or drive people in-store you will post your food on the Savor app for restaurants. They will be lovin’ it, eating fresh, because you have the meats.


People get notifications when you list more food. Quantities are limited, so they’ll need to get on their horse before someone beats them to it.

*cue the music*

We Fall in Love

They will find great local restaurants, including yours, that they might not hear about otherwise. They will try your food and fall in love, becoming regulars of [insert your restaurant here]. 

A restaurant marketplace built for consumers

Our mission is to support local restaurants by connecting them to people who want to try their food.

We help people find great food for cheap prices through flash discounts that drive them in-store. This helps them fall in love with new foods and become loyal to restaurants they wouldn’t otherwise find.

Restaurants get customers. People find food.