You won't remember life before Savor.

Being a restaurant owner and manager is hard enough without worrying about how to make your store more efficient and profitable. That’s where we come in.

Savor is built to help you, whether that is helping you eliminate food waste or bringing more customers in the door (or both).

With Savor, more people near your restaurant learn about you and your amazing dishes, giving them a chance to give you a try and become loyal customers.

grow your audience

This isn’t like normal marketing. Get your name and food in front of thousands of people every single day. Our push notifications make it easy for users to see when you have new food available and help drive more sales for your restaurant.

Keep tabs

Easily track every order you get and take a look at all past orders. Here you can check to see what new orders need to be filled, what orders are waiting for pickup, and orders that have already been fulfilled and picked up.

Take Control

Control all the products that you sell with us and make sure they all look exactly how you’d like. This is where all of your products are managed.

Start Getting More Customers

Or refer a business you know

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As a small, family-owned restaurant, the saddest thing is throwing out delicious food. Savor helped us reach more people and sell out - a win for everyone. No food wasted, hungry customers saved money, and everyone is happy!